Import iTunes Playlists To Plex

XML File

Path: \Public\Shared Music\iTunes\iPod Files

Copy the file and assign a version letter.
/shares/Public/Shared Music/iTunes/iPod Files/iTunes LibraryX.xml
X = a version letter

Edit the copied file in Notepad++

Editing The XML File

Remove smart playlists and search for “smart criteria” to remove those as well.

Swap this…
…with this…
file://localhost/shares/Public/Shared Music/

Then swap “%20” for a space

XML Path in Plugin settings

Update the playlist from the MyCloud Plex link, not the Chrome Shortcut
Settings (icon) > Settings (left nav) > Plugins
Playlist > Import From iTunes > To “Music” Library*

But “Playlists” won’t show anything when done, only Music > Playlists

*Add to Library “Music”, not “Christmas”

You might get an import error. Check results. It’s probably a false error (2022-03-17)